Tuesday, January 31, 2006


An update for EC and Janet

Here's the quick update... I left the interview last week feeling a bit like I'd been roughed up by one interviewer in particular. My fault - I let her get to me. As a result, I don't have high hopes for getting a job offer out of this -- she made it clear, I thought, that in her opinion I don't have the kind of experience they're looking for and she's skeptical about transferrable skills. Now, maybe her opinion doesn't hold enough sway with the rest of the committee to matter, but from what I know about her, she's one of those squeaky wheels. I applied for two more jobs last week -- something in publishing and something in writing/editing.

The dress fit. More importantly, it needs to be altered by taking it in not letting it out. I was relieved. My future MIL has been kind enough to store it at her house for the time being. She's also found a seamstress whom I want to talk to about getting the alterations done.

We got Amy's gown for my wedding - in a color and style unlike anything else we'd looked at earlier. But it's beautiful and she looks great in it. Then after she had tried on about ten or eleven gowns during the course of our shopping, she stumbled across a gown that had many of the features we'd liked in other dresses she'd tried on -- with an exceptionally low price that just couldn't be ignored. She looked great in it, and, more importantly, she seemed to feel comfortable in it. We think it will fit the feel and theme of their wedding, too. (The guys will be wearing Hawaiian shirts in different colors. The groom's shirt, following tradition, will be white. And, no, neither family has any links or ties to Hawaii.) So she got her wedding gown, too!

And I received a second assignment from WotC which will probably go back to them this evening.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Idle Hands

A week ago I finished the first freelance assignment from Wizards of the Coast. It was a fun read, and I have figured out a few things that I need to work comfortably: background noise; extremely fine-point pens with inks in a variety of bright colors; an expandable file folder; a better dictionary. I think I found a few things that needed to be clarified or made consistent with the rest of the text. I suppose feedback that I submitted good work will come in the form of another assignment. Since I'm feeling a little restless, I hope a new one comes my way soon!

I completed an editing test for a job as an editorial specialist with an academic journal published out of the university. I should hear by the end of the week whether they are impressed enough with my work to want to interview me for the position. And I learned that I was moved straight into the second round interviews for a writer/editor position in another part of the university -- but I have to take the editing test this afternoon. The interview is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon; get this: 7 people interviewing one person. Suddenly, I have a stomach ache...

A different kind of editing position at the university press was posted by human resources last week. It sounds really interesting, so I'm planning to file an application this week.

All this and wedding planning, too. My dress is ready. I'm meeting my mom and my maid of honor this coming weekend to pick it up. Coincidentally, we'll also do some shopping for my maid of honor's wedding dress. Three weeks ago, she and my brother announced their engagement -- and they selected June 3, 2006, a mere three weeks after our May 13th wedding, as their wedding date. My parents are flipping out -- in a good way!

We have been discussing the ceremony with the officiant, my cousin the judge. I'm so excited that she is able to conduct the service! And it seems like everything is in place, at least as far as the really big stuff is concerned. We're working out the details involving the invitations now; those things have to go in the mail soon, after all.

Life is good. I wish I could wave a wand and make it so for everyone.

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