Wednesday, May 03, 2006


What's New, Pussycat?

RPG events: Arneson/Clingman's The Comeback Inn; The Imp Game -- Traps, Mishaps, Mischief & Mayhem!; and the Interaction Game (D&D with no books and no dice); Hickman's Killer Breakfast
BGM events: A Game of Thrones w/ Storm of Swords expansion; Life-Size Kill Dr. Lucky; Settlers of Catan; and the OOTS Adventure
CGM events: Killer Bunnies; Tom Jolly's Trickery
SEM events: Dressing and Undressing your Character: Clothing in the Middle Ages; Hickman's How You Play the Game; Real Feasts: Menus and Entertainment from Medieval Cookbooks; Creating D&D (w/ Arneson, Bledsaw and Maker)
ENT events: the Costume Contest

I'm most excited to finally score LS Kill Dr. Lucky (a CheapAss Game) and Hickman's Killer Breakfast, which I've heard people talk about since before we went to GenCon the first time.

I'd have been happy to make time for writing-focused seminars with Kij Johnson or Brad Beaulieu (or, *nudge, nudge*, Elaine Cunningham), but, alas, such seminars were not included on the schedule.

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