Monday, March 17, 2008


A Worthy Cause

My brother Kevin and his friends are a tight-knit group of folks. By virtue of being Kevin's sister and brother-in-law, Ed and I have met some really wonderful people and have been welcomed warmly at their get-togethers. Nearly two years ago, when Carrie died shortly after giving birth to twins, we were stunned and saddened. We had just seen Carrie and Lawrence at Kevin and Amy's wedding. We knew her as a lively, warm, caring person. (I think she first met Ed on an evening when we were playing Mafia, and she astutely called his bluff. It made me laugh.) There was just so much wrong about her death. We felt it, though we weren't part of that inner circle of friends.

There are a couple news stories online about Carrie's life and death.
The gist: She had Turner Syndrome. There were some medical problems. But the pregnancy wasn't expected to cause complications.

Lawrence and the twins are getting along, helped by family and friends.

And on June 7th, there will be a silent auction/walkathon sponsored by a foundation that they've set up. To honor Carrie's memory. To raise money for families affected by Turner Syndrome. If you'd like more information, please let me know. If you would like to donate something for the silent auction, you can contact me or Patrick and Ellen Holifield (give them my name). Also, I plan to walk and would welcome sponsors.

Short of that, how about giving someone a hug and telling them how much they mean to you today?


The Roof Over Our Heads

It's been a buyer's market here for a while, and we had been idly talking about looking for a house. Idle talk turned to window shopping online at, which resulted in driving around town checking out places that had piqued our interest online. And that resulted in contacting a realtor. It wasn't long before we'd checked out a handful of different places with her and found two that we really, really liked. Then two became one that we liked more than any other place. After thinking about it a bit, we realized it wasn't just that we liked it more than the other places we'd seen; actually, we liked it a whole lot on its own merits, and we could see ourselves living in it. So we called the realtor and made an offer. Now, with counteroffers, the mortgage, inspections, assessments, appliance-purchasing, and movers arranged, we're counting down the days until we move into our new home: a 3BR, 2.5BA townhouse with a wonderfully open layout, a spacious deck, solid construction, excellent location... It's just so lovely!

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