Thursday, July 14, 2005


Take a deep breath.... exhale slowly

What's been going on?

Wedding planning. Who knew flowers were so freakin' expensive? And let's not even get started about the catering. Anything labeled with "wedding" as an adjective seems to get a huge markup. The date and the venue are settled, though. It'll be lovely, fun will be had.

Attempting to formalize a critique group. Here's hoping the details get worked out in the next week or so. It'd be nice to get this underway.

Wedding dress shopping trip combined with both families meeting. Cincinnati is still standing, as far as I know, so I think it all went OK. *And* a dress was bought.

The job search continues. But that's boring and depressing news.

Moving will serve as an excuse to take off from work at least one day next week. Maybe two. But I had forgotten what a PIA it is to move. Find boxes. Pack stuff. Move stuff. Unpack stuff. Discard the boxes. Why, oh why, hasn't transporter technology been invented yet? The whole process would be simplified by that! Keep your eye on the prize: sharing one home instead of two will be worth the effort.

A summer cold - or sinus infection. Ugh.

Weird (unseasonably cool) weather for Indiana in July, thanks to the hurricanes. How strange to reap a reward from something that caused so much destruction elsewhere.

A new project in the works... a fun way to distract this mind from wedding planning and the frustrations of a, so far, fruitless job search. More on this later, when there's something to discuss.

A trip to Virginia at the end of the month. GenCon next month. A few days off work will be very, very nice.

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