Wednesday, January 05, 2005


It's all about leaves

Lost in Fallen Leaves... Leafing Through... There's the start of a pattern here, maybe.

Please support your local ezine...!

Huh? Whuzzat?

Well, inasmuch as the Internet is seemingly boundary-free, an ezine would kind of have to be considered local, no?

Issue #3 of Leafing Through, featuring my short story "Alla Petrovna," is now available at

My first semi-professional sale.... I must say, it's pretty cool to look at this and see my name attached and feel good about what I wrote.


1. A sample from the current issue of Leafing Through is available on the website, as well. Brief descriptions of each story are included along with the first page of a story.

2. Katharine York, editor and founder of Leafing Through, has included a link to an independent review of the November issue of the ezine at
Yet Another Book Review Site.

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